Apple, listen your customers, not your marketers

Now the dust is off, we can speak more calmly.

Last week we’ve watched, for one hour and a half, the presentation of a touch bar on a laptop.

And this touch bar was all you had to show after three years from the last product iteration. A touch bar.

I do not want a touch bar that distracts me from my work on the screen. My macbook is a mobile device and when it is not moving it stays on my desk with an external monitor and keyboard. I rarely look at it and more than often it is closed, in clamshell mode.

And it is safe while standing on my desk, the magsafe connector will prevent it from flying away if a distracted person jumps on the power cable. And I can connect peripherals to it.

Now I would need adapters even for a usb flash drive. You are ridding and polluting the planet with adapters. I cannot see anything “green” on this coercion to buy adapters and get rid of the old (and now unusable) ones. You are lying to your customers with your environmental stating.

I was really looking forward to replace my macbook. But what you presented does not enhance my actual one in any significant way other than a not very significant reduction in weight and volume.

Most mac-centric keynotes led me to change my actual product for the new iteration. Actually, this was not a mac-centric event. Besides the new touch bar there was no other new product. And there is always an excuse to talk about phones and watches.

Desktops and monitors appear to be forgotten, as their customers.

Customers have been asking for the past year and a half for other features and upgrades like new processors, new GPUs, more ram.

But no, you guys decided that all our needs were rubbish and listened only to your internal product and marketing department. It is perfectly reflected on the actual product line which is basically the same base product pantographed in different sizes, much like Nokia in the 90s.

Most producers can fit a quad core i7 and a discrete GPU in a 13″ laptop, ultrabook or whatever buzzword they are named now. The current 13″ macbook pro can’t have that hardware and probably that is just a marketing decision, not a technological limit.

This is actually the saddest part. Not listening to your customers. We were the guys that started using macs in our offices even when faced with strong opposition by most IT departments. We made software houses develop software for the platform because we created a market with critical mass.

“Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” (Johnny Rotten)

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